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Monthly Archives: October 2011

What are You trying to say, God?

Last night my professional organizer, Cheryl Osterhouse (of In Order For Life, LLC) spoke at the Women’s Ministry Event at my church.  She spoke about being good stewards of our time and mentioned Elisabeth Elliot and her writings and one of the things she took away from her writings.  It was to “do the next thing”.  When you are overwhelmed with life, do the next thing. 

This morning I was on my way to an appointment, in the car by myself, able to listen to whatever I want and decided to listen to a cd on creating schedules.  The speaker mentioned treating time like money and she challenged listeners to consider thinking of how a schedule for your time is like a budget for your money.  She then goes on to mention Elisabeth Elliot and “do the next thing”.  Wow – so, I am hearing the same message 2 times in less than 24 hours ~ I think I better pay attention!  I think God is trying to tell me something.

Then I heard a question in my head, “are you using your time for God worthy things?”  Is spending 10, 15, 20+ minutes on Facebook reading about everyone else’s lives and opinions a God worthy use of my time – the time God has entrusted me with?  Do I spend that much time sitting and talking to my own children and husband, hearing about their day and their thoughts?  OUCH!  That really hit me.  I need to start really thinking of my time as a gift from God and really think and pray over how I can be a better steward of that blessing of time. 

I pray that God will guide my thoughts and actions as I go through this process.



Last Sunday, my Pastor made a statement that really stuck with me.  His message was on “God, Parents, and Kids” and the statement he made that really stuck with me was that as we are living our lives and raising our children (if we have them) as well as just interacting with others around us, we have a decision to make.  The decision is to be Christian Principle Driven or Secular Trends Driven.  Will we be driven by the ways of Jesus, His commands and the example of His life?  Or will be driven by the way of the world, looking out for ourselves above everyone else and living in the ways of the world? 

His message from this past Sunday was really a continuation for me.  It was called “Living an Abundant Life”.  Unlike the Secular Trends Driven way of life which looks at how much you earn, how much you have or who you know, living a truly abundant life is accomplished by being Christian Principle Driven.  It’s about complete commitment to Jesus Christ.  It’s about having Him as your focus, trusting Him, living for Him.  It’s about joy, peace and hope.  The joy, peace and hope that only a relationship with Christ can provide.  It’s not always easy but it’s the ultimate goal. 

I pray that as I continue to write and others join me along the way, we can share with each other how we are going about trying to accomplish living a Christian Principle Driven life which really is living simply in Jesus.

Hello world!

The world of blogging intrigues me.  So much information, so much encouragement, so much camaraderie.  I want to join the blogging world but I don’t know how.  I don’t think I would have anything to say (write) worth blogging about.  This is my start.  I plan to let the Lord guide me, to be the subject of my blogging, to be the reason I blog.  My goal is to live a simple life, one that allows my family and I time to breathe, one that is not consumed with the pressures of the world.  Maybe that is what I should blog about, my goal of a simple life and how we are working toward that in our family!  I pray over this venture – that the Lord guides it, that I share what He wants me to share, no more and no less.  If I am able to touch just one person with this venture, it will be well worth it!  Welcome to my journey – I would appreciate you coming along with me!  Life’s always more fun with friends and family by your side!