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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Pretty Things

I love pretty things! Whether it’s a bag, dish, shoes, sunsets, paintings, whatever. I recently went to a jewelry party at a friend’s house and I indulged more than I probably should have! My friend delivered my order to me and I was like a kid in a candy store! Oh, the beauty of the pieces I had chosen! There was one bracelet that just really stood out to me. Stones in various shades of purple, carved beads of silver and just some plain ol’ bling!

Oh and the hat I found for Rylie – talk about pretty – I fell in love with the hat when I saw it at our church’s craft show and then once Rylie put it on I was head over heels!!

It’s the simple things of beauty that just give me a little boost in my mood!

Just like I was so enthralled with my simple bracelet and Rylie’s hat, the Bible says in Psalm 45: 11 that “the King is enthralled by your beauty”.  Imagine how freeing that could be if we let that soak in.  If we really believe it.  That God, the Creator of ALL things, is enthralled by our beauty!  This is something that has taken me a long time to realize and it still doesn’t always sink in.  But no matter how we feel about ourselves, our true worth is found in Him and Him alone.  Thanks be to God for that!


Simple Pleasures

A few years ago Eric and I went to a food show in DC and I stumbled upon some amazing peanut butter!  It wasn’t just ANY peanut butter – it was … Mighty Maple!  I thought about that peanut butter for days.  I looked for it in stores.  I looked online (and couldn’t bring myself to spend as much on the shipping as the jar of peanut butter – I was close though!). 

My memory of the scrumptious peanut butter remained with me.  As I went to different stores than I usually shop, I would look to see if maybe, just maybe, they would have my dreamy peanut butter.  But as time went by, I thought about it less and less until one day a simple glance at the peanut butter section of the store reunited me with my Mighty Maple!!  I was at Wegman’s (I love Wegman’s!) and you would have thought I had found a million dollars!  No, just the Mighty Maple peanut butter that I craved long ago. 

I probably should have bought more than one jar – I have eaten almost the whole thing and I have been really trying to limit myself each day.  I have eaten it in the traditional PB & J sandwich as well as on an apple, on a tortilla with a banana and honestly with a spoon straight from the jar!  It’s the simple pleasures of finding a jar of Mighty Maple peanut butter that make life even more special.  You hear people say “God is in the little things” and (call me crazy!) I believe that day God was in that aisle at Wegman’s just waiting for me to look over to the peanut butter section so He could give me a little boost in my day and surprise me with my Mighty Maple!

Out of my Hands

I was thinking about some situations that are coming up in the near future and dreading them because they are out of my hands.  Other people are controlling them and making choices for me.  It is not something I like AT ALL!  Then a still small voice inside reminded me:  everything is out of your hands.  Wow.  Even when I think things are in my hands, that I have ALL the control, I really don’t.  It’s when I try to control and try to have things MY way, that anxiety comes.  Stress comes.  Anger comes.

But when I hand it over to God a sense of peace washes over me.  HE is trustworthy.  HE is in control.  If I follow HIS lead, I will be right where I need to be and in the end that’s right where I want to be as well.

As I head into the upcoming situations, I pray for the grace and peace of God which He gives me each and every day.  I pray that He works through me and that my old, controlling self will be covered with Him.