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Out of my Hands

I was thinking about some situations that are coming up in the near future and dreading them because they are out of my hands.  Other people are controlling them and making choices for me.  It is not something I like AT ALL!  Then a still small voice inside reminded me:  everything is out of your hands.  Wow.  Even when I think things are in my hands, that I have ALL the control, I really don’t.  It’s when I try to control and try to have things MY way, that anxiety comes.  Stress comes.  Anger comes.

But when I hand it over to God a sense of peace washes over me.  HE is trustworthy.  HE is in control.  If I follow HIS lead, I will be right where I need to be and in the end that’s right where I want to be as well.

As I head into the upcoming situations, I pray for the grace and peace of God which He gives me each and every day.  I pray that He works through me and that my old, controlling self will be covered with Him.


About strivingtolivesimply

I am a Christian wife, Mama, sister, aunt, niece and friend. I want to be a better follower of Christ and strive to live a simple life. This blog is my journey in that direction.

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