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Simple Pleasures

A few years ago Eric and I went to a food show in DC and I stumbled upon some amazing peanut butter!  It wasn’t just ANY peanut butter – it was … Mighty Maple!  I thought about that peanut butter for days.  I looked for it in stores.  I looked online (and couldn’t bring myself to spend as much on the shipping as the jar of peanut butter – I was close though!). 

My memory of the scrumptious peanut butter remained with me.  As I went to different stores than I usually shop, I would look to see if maybe, just maybe, they would have my dreamy peanut butter.  But as time went by, I thought about it less and less until one day a simple glance at the peanut butter section of the store reunited me with my Mighty Maple!!  I was at Wegman’s (I love Wegman’s!) and you would have thought I had found a million dollars!  No, just the Mighty Maple peanut butter that I craved long ago. 

I probably should have bought more than one jar – I have eaten almost the whole thing and I have been really trying to limit myself each day.  I have eaten it in the traditional PB & J sandwich as well as on an apple, on a tortilla with a banana and honestly with a spoon straight from the jar!  It’s the simple pleasures of finding a jar of Mighty Maple peanut butter that make life even more special.  You hear people say “God is in the little things” and (call me crazy!) I believe that day God was in that aisle at Wegman’s just waiting for me to look over to the peanut butter section so He could give me a little boost in my day and surprise me with my Mighty Maple!


About strivingtolivesimply

I am a Christian wife, Mama, sister, aunt, niece and friend. I want to be a better follower of Christ and strive to live a simple life. This blog is my journey in that direction.

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